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Gilberto Sucre Cammarano

Attorney at Law admitted in 1971. Senior Partner and Director of the law firm SUCRE & ASOCIADOS.

Gilberto Sucre II was born in Panama on July 4th, 1947. He is married since 1983 with Ivonne Fabrega, and they have two (2) children: Gilberto (b. 86) and Yvonne (b. 95).

After completion of secondary studies with mention in Sciences, Letters and Philosophy at Colegio Javier, a high school institution directed and staffed by the Society of Jesus, he attended to the University of Panama, where he achieved a Law and Political Science Degree. He later attended to the School of Business Administration of the Universidad Santa Maria La Antigua.

Since 1971 he has been practicing as a private attorney and as consultant on financial, investment and international trade matters for national and foreign companies.

He has been securities broker duly licensed by the National Securities Commission, by means of Resolution No. 258 of August 20th, 1986; commodities broker duly licensed by the Commodities Exchange National Comission, by means of Resolution No. 16/98 of September 25th, 1998; Official Public Translator for Spanish to English and vice versa, licensed by the Ministry of Government and Justice by means of Resolution No.34 of January 14th, 1985.

He is founding member and has been Senior Director, Senior Officer (Secretary and President) and presently General Counsel of the Panama Stock Exchange (BVP), of Central Latinoamericana de Valores (Latin Clear) and of Fitch Centroamerica, SA (Rating agency). He has also been Director and presently General Counsel of Bolsa Nacional de Productos – BAISA (Commodities’ Exchange).

In 1969 he was designated as a member of the Board of the School of Law and Political Science at the University of Panama and, the following year, he was elected to the Administration Council, highest governing body of the University.

He was Vice Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Ministry and Chairman of the National Committee of the Instituto Nacional de Formacion Profesional (INAFORP) from December 22nd., 1989 to December 31, 1991, effective date you resigned to return to private activities.

As Vice Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, he participated and was chairman, among others, of the Family Code Evaluating Commission and of the national commission that drafted the bill establishing the Maritime Labor Code, which are now laws of the Republic.

He was Vice Minister of the Finance and Treasury Ministry from September 2nd., 1992 to October 31st., 1993. In addition to his duties and on behalf of the Minister, he was the Minister’s representative before the National Directorate of Civil Aeronautics, the National Port Authority, the Panamanian Institute of Tourism, the Industrial Policy Commission, the Colon Free Zone and the State’s Sugar Corporation La Victoria. He acted on behalf of the Minister before the National Council of Economics, the National Banking Commission, the Board for the Control of Gambling, the National Lottery and the Import Quotas Commission.

He is member of the Panamanian Bar Association (CNA), the American Bar Association (ABA), the International Bar Association (IBA), of the Asociacion Panameña de Ejecutivos de Empresa (APEDE) and other professional associations, national and international.

It was also member of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association, the American Management Association, the Association of Securities Selling Agents, the American Bar Association, the Maritime Law Association of Panama, the Panamanian Association of Law Industrial Property, International Association for the Protection of Industrial Property (AIPPI), the ASIPI, the Iberoamerican Institute of Air and Space Law, the Panamanian Institute of Air and Space and others.

He has been involved in journalism, as editor of the newspaper La Prensa from 2001 to 2002 and as a member of the Editorial Board of the gazette Capital Financiero since its founding.

As a lawyer, public servant, politician and businessman, Gilberto Sucre II has accumulated rich experience in the processes of drafting, promoting and implementing laws.

He is fluent in Spanish and English and working knowledge of French and Italian.