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We offer legal and tax advice to athletes, artists and institutions active in the fields of sports and entertainment.


Our attorneys are aware of the great need of the athletes, clubs, associations, leagues, agents and representatives to attend their legal needs. Therefore, we offer expert advice in this area, combined with the most frequent areas of law: commercial, tax, criminal, and administrative work.


  • Constitution of organizations and nonprofit associations.
  • Obtaining legal capacity to organizations and nonprofit associations.
  • Developing Statutes of sports clubs and societies.
  • Recruitment, assignment and transfer of athletes.
  • Exploitation of image rights, sponsorship and broadcasting rights.
  • Taxation of athletes and sportsmen.
  • Obtaining permits from governmental authorities.
  • Trusts.
  • Industrial property.
  • Estate planning.


Our firm offers advice to different entities operating in the field of entertainment, such as film and television production companies, record labels, Internet content providers, collective management associations, among others.


  • Intellectual property.
  • Advice on data protection.
  • License agreements, assignment, merchandising, exploitation of image rights.
  • Representation in lawsuits and legal proceedings.
  • Advice on tax matters in the film industry.
  • Advice on competition.
  • Obtaining concessions, permits and authorizations in the ASEP.
  • Obtaining permits and municipal events.