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Our firm is recognized for its vast experience and extensive knowledge of securities law, the securities market, and the financial system in Panama.

We are pleased to counsel many companies with their legal proceedings regarding the Superintendence of Securities of Panama and the Panamanian Stock Exchange.

Servicios destacados:

  • Legal advice on the Financial Sector and the Capital Market
  • Legal advice on Corporate Governance.
  • Legal advice on standards of conduct, transparency and disclosure of securities issuers.
  • Registration of Credit Rating Agencies
  • Registration Statement or intended for Public Offer Shares
  • Registration Statement intended Securities Public Offering
  • Providers or Entities Registry Price
  • Registration of Investment Companies
  • Preparation of Prospectuses and Contracts Miscellaneous Trusts Paying Agent, Portfolio Management, Brokerage, Agreements, among others.
  • Obtaining Licenses or Broker Dealer, Investment Advisers, Securities Brokers, Investment Managers.